Two Days in Vienna (and then some)

When it comes to a city taking pride in its architecture Vienna is second to none from what I’ve seen so far on this side of the Atlantic. Now, Vienna is known as one of the more expensive cities in Europe so it may not be so surprising to witness the incredible buildings that decorate the city. 

At times it was a bit overwhelming, especially when visiting St. Stephansdom, the marvelous church in Vienna (its nearly as tall as the pyramid of Giza). 

Vienna was a short stop for me, just over two days, which is never enough time to really experience a city. And that, people, is what I like to call: Champagne problems.

Despite the short trip in Vienna it was still a great one. I was able to meet my wonderful mother here as she was in Europe for work for a week. So the visit to Vienna (and a 2 day trip to a small town in Slovakia) gets an A++ for that reason alone. When I was a young kid my older sister Ashley got to run off to New Zealand with our mom on a similar work trip. I was a jealous child at the time, of course, but visiting Vienna and an awesome medieval castle in Slovakia more than made up for it.

– Mark


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