The Grand Budapest City

I have never centered my day around food while on vacation or on any kind of trip, until Budapest. It all happened by chance, actually. I arrived at my hostel in the city, met a group of travelers sharing the same room with me and proceeded to tag along with them(whether they wanted me to or not). What followed next was a pilgrimage through one list of the top ten places to eat in Budapest and it went something like this:

Eggs Benedict
Breakfast, this wasn’t on the top ten list but it was my first meal in Budapest. Eggs Benedict is a classic and this one was no different. Also, it was only $6.
Paneer, Jalapeño Cheese Burger $5

Look closer, that’s not a chicken patty. It’s a REAL cheese burger. Yep, a breaded cheese patty. Need I say more? I didn’t think so. This is from a restaurant called Paneer which substitutes everything that would be meat, with cheese. We went here right after breakfast. Literally a 5 minute walk, totally worth it. 

Meat and Sauce, beef sandwich $6

Now this one might not look like much, but I’m pretty sure it’s the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. The restaurant is called Meat and Sauce, aptly named because that’s all this sandwich is. Mustard, shredded beef and then the entire thing is dunked in a sauce depending on the type of meat you get. Instead of making the bread soggy, biting into it just tasted like the juiciest burger you’ve ever had. The best comparison to this is a French dip sandwich, this is just the way better version. 5 stars, highly recommend. They also have duck, lamb, chicken and fish.

Zing Burger, Cheese Burger $7

I know what you’re thinking, why get a burger when it’s such an ‘American’ meal? But did you see the picture? Anyways, we were true to the list and it hadn’t led us wrong yet, so there we were at Zing Burger. Much like the first two, this one directly followed the sandwich. Also, it was awesome as well. 

 We also went to a Jewish outdoor street food restaurant, a pizza place from Italy and a popular bagel shop. However, I was not always able to contain myself long enough to take a picture so you will just have to go see those for yourself. They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Well DAMN Budapest, I think I’m in love.

When I wasn’t eating amazing food I did get to see the beauty of the city and I have to say, when a river runs through the place you live or visit it makes everything so much better. And when you can walk to everything in the span of half a day, it’s game over. 

St. Matthias Church
Buda Castle
Parliament Building
Heroes’ Square
Vajdahunyad Castle
Chain Link Bridge
Parliament at night across the Danube river

In terms of cities I’ve been to so far Budapest is right there at the top with Paris. If you’re making a trip to Eastern Europe (DO IT!) make sure Budapest is on your list! In the meantime, enjoy the sunset.

Till next time,

– Mark


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