Greece, and the Beauty in Their Crisis

Greece is not in a good place right now financially, or politically. This has been well documented over the last few years ever since they had their crisis. The government, of course, won’t do what they need to help their people. The people, in return deal with homelessness, low paying jobs and the stresses of making ends meet. For many the cost of living is more than they can make in a month (the average jobs pays €600 = $670 and renting a place in a very sketchy area costs at least €200). It’s not uncommon to see families on the street and as of June, 2017 it’s not uncommon to see trash filling the street as well.

City workers and the government are at odds over work conditions so the employees are on strike. Another issue currently plaguing what was once upon a time the most powerful and influential place in the world. 

But despite the problems in Greece, they still laugh, they still have fun, they still smile. There’s a simple beauty to Athens and it starts with the people.

On a Monday afternoon they still pack the beaches until the sun goes down. At night they still fill the streets at the local bars. As one local told me, “Their is still lots of life here”. The people are friendly and helpful, it almost seems that they want you to enjoy the city as much as they do. 

Athens is quite amazing, you only have to see the monuments at the Acropolis and the others that litter the city to realize this.

But then there’s the neighborhoods that seemingly take you to another city just blocks from each other. There’s the busy and vibrant Plaka neighborhood where you can find music, food and shop till you drop.

And then there’s Anafiotika sitting at the base of the Acropolis, which feels like a dream land mini-city. It’s painted mostly white and contrasted with bright vibrant colors, similar to what you would expect to see in Santorini, the famous Greek island. 

In a city as ancient as this one every turn, down every street, led to another mini-adventure that I won’t soon forget. One small piece of advice before I finish: avoid summer if you can, it gets really hot here. 

From somewhere near Mount Olympus,

– Mark


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